VW Production Plate Information


VW Käfer from 1970 Model Year (or 1969, not sure) to 1980 Model Year:-


Production Plate Location: Front right, on front apron painted in the

   bodywork’s colour


Production Plate Form:-  p (at 90°) – ww – d – ffff


                                                Where p = paint code (you will need to refer to the table in

     thesamba.com to see what the  actual paint code

     is !)

     eg. 7 = 07 = L20B = Brilliant Orange


ww = Week number of the manufactured year.

         The first week starts from the first full week of

          the current manufactured year.

          eg. 21 = Week 21 (in May)


d = Day of week (1 = Monday, 6 = Saturday)


ffff = Factory code


                                                For example on my 1973 model year beetle, the production

plate reads:-


7 (at 90°)     21-2-3508


= Tuesday 22nd May 1973, paint code L20B (Brilliant Orange)


VW Käfer and other VW Vehicles from 1981 Model Year to unknown date


Production Plate Location: Part of VIN plate (painted black with white letters)

                                            Some models may have an additional separate plate in the

        bodywork colour.


Production Information Form: dwwffff on VIN plate and dww-ffff on production plate

Note: No paint code


                                                For example on my 1982 VW Camping it reads:-


                                                2117380 = 21-1-7380 = Monday 24th May 1982


                                                and on my 1981 Mk1 Polo it reads:-


                                                435-3487 = 43-5-3487 = Friday 31st October 1980

(on production plate)

                                                4353487 (on VIN plate)


VW Käfer 1600I from October 1992 (Model Year 1993):-


Production Stamp Location: Rear right on rear apron, next to the boot catch bracket


Production Stamp Form: wwdffff (note no paint code)


                                        For example on my 2000 Mexican Beetle 1600i it reads:-


                                        0267508 = 02 – 6 – 7508


                                        = Saturday 15th January 2000