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Created 21.09.2010
changed 12.02.2012

Mexican Beetle - Ultima Edicion

Programming the Immobiliser using the Transponders

- Switch on the ignition and switch off the ignition

- Deactivate the immobilser with the red transponder. Place the transponder by the antenna and move it away again.

- Within 5 seconds, switch on and off the ignition 5 times and switch off the ignition

- Within 10 seconds place the red transponder by the antenna and move it away again

- Within 10 seconds put the black transponder by the antenna and keep it there for 3 seconds. This will program the first transponder

- Repeat the above step if you require more black transponders to be programmed by the immobiliser

- The immobiliser's programming will exit 10 seconds after the last transponder has been programmed

Deactivating and removing of the immobiliser

Please keep in mind: I have no 1600i with such equipment, so i can only say what i'm thinking about, but not what i yet have done.

Very often the immobiliser didn't function like it should. That was the reason for a few German importers to generell remove it.

Sometimes it happens after the change of the batterie, sometimes without any reason.

How to check and bridge the alarmmodul under fronthood .
Normaly you should hear the fuel pump working for about 1 second after you turned on the ignition (not start the car).
The alarmmodul could cut the line to the fuel-pump. It's easy to bridge this. Remove the alarmmodul and make a line from 22 (small pin) to 23 (wide pin).

The immodilisier resides behind the left side wall near to the ECU.
Itself is a small black plastic box with aboout 10 x 8 cm.

The immobiliser could cut of the lines between the

- ECU and the hallsender

- ECU and the injection valves

- ECU and the ingnition transformer

To remove the immobilisier you have to shorten those lines.

Open the box and unsolder the lines and solder them the wrigth way together.

3B with 3A, 1B with 1A and 2B with 2A.

The colors of the lines should be twice red, twice green/black and twice red/black or green/white

Transponder - 1BM 937 109