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Created 02.11.2004

Mexican Beetle 1600i Ignition Module Information

This document has been translated in my own words (by Phil Ade) on Sunday 9th April 2007.

One of the errors logged by the ECU which can make a mexican beetle engine run badly is a defective ignition module. Unfortunately these are hard to come by and are usually expensive.

However, there is a much cheaper way of replacing the ignition module. Here is what the mexican beetle ignition module looks like:-

The original part number for the ignition module is 867 905 104B and if you look it up using ETKA or ETOS it will only state that it will fit the 1600i mexican beetle.

However, if you split the case of the ignition module open then you will notice that the ignition module is actually inside the ignition module's case. Here is what it looks like when the case has been split:-

And here's what the ignition module looks like its self:-

If you also have a look at the ignition module more closely then you will notice that it has almost the same part number which is 867 905 105 A.

If you then look it up in ETKA or ETOS it will tell you that it will fit lots of VWs (eg. Golf Mk3, Polo Mk3 G40, etc). These ignition modules are far easier to come by and you can get them from almost anywhere.