Motornummer: ACD 461501
Besitzer: Manuel Alen, Jr.
Ort: Miami, Florida
Kontakt: gtmo1@bellsouth.net
Baujahr: 2003


Purchased from BTLMEX around August 19, 2003

Delivered to my home and registered in Miami, Florida on September 11, 2003

The car was reassembled on a previously registered U.S. chassis (reconditioned) #1103090326. This is the only way to get around U.S. Customs and pretend the car is a restored old car.

The original Mexican # 3WWS1A1B93M915097

The engine# ACD461501

Some comments: Our climate is mostly hot and humid so I requested the installation of air conditioning. I had to redo the whole system; it works great but denies access to the fuse block and the compressor location denies access to the ignition system. It is a very tight engine compartment. I will send pictures soon.

Also the use of the air conditioner results in very hot engine oil temperatures. I installed an external oil cooler with thermostat/ cooling fan above the transmission and now I can say the car runs at very acceptable oil temperature.

I am very happy with my VW and expect it to last me a lifetime.