Engine-Number: ACD 025965
Owner : Felix Reta
City : Tamarac, Florida, USA, zip code 33321
Contact : ledzeppelin@argentina.com
Build: 1993


Actually this is my very first VW beetle in my whole life. It has 143,000 kilometers in the odometer. My car has custom made headers, I had to take off the catalytic converter but kept the oxygen sensor for the ACU. I drove the car from Mexico City to Florida, around 4,500 kms with my daughter, it was fun and had no problems whatsoever. I plan to bring a batch of Mexican parts to keep my car as original as possible. I still haven't been able to put Florida plates on it, I am waiting for my "birth certificate" from the VW Museum to be delivered so I can use it to register it. I also own a 1992 VW Golf GTI. German engineering is amazing.

Mail from 26.10.2005

My Beetle survived hurricane Wilma that just hit last Monday here in South Florida with winds of over 160 kms/hr, just my passenger window was crashed.