Enginecode: ACD 212209
Owner: Emmanuel Ormancey
City: 01710 Thoiry
Contact: nopap@wanadoo.fr
Build: 1998


Buggy LM1 built in 1998 by French buggy maker SOVRA. One of the last made by the company.

I bought it in 2005. Currently 30000km. Average fuel consumption around 7.7L/100km. Engine is as origin, except exhaust replaced by an Empi ceramic 4in1 Hideaway.

Recurrent problem: gearbox oil in left rear brake (already replaced seals, but still leaking. I need to fully rebuild this).

New problem: hot engine is not running correctly at low RPM. Everything if fine at high RPM but not when running with only small gaz: i.e. running at 70 or 80km/h in 4th shift. Any ideas and advices are welcome.