Enginecode: ACD 106790
Owner: Clifford Campbell
City/country: Jamaica
Year: 1994
Registrynumber: 271
Entrydate: 08.05.2007



My name friends call me apache and I have a Mexican made Beetle in Jamaica!

The number is ACD106790, it's a 1993 and I am the second owner.

I just found your website and I believe it is a godsend. I could not find any other info on the web about my engine and most mechanics here do not work on a fuel injected beetle engine.

I found your tech articles helpful and hope to draw on them more especially since I found out that my car is missing the O2 sensor. Right now I'm trying to work out some kinks as it won't idle smoothly and don't run nice until its warm.

The pic shows fenders off for bodywork.

22.01.2010 Correction of the email-adress (gr)