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Created 26.10.2005

To get your vehicle (beetle, sedan, trike, bus or whatever else) into this register, your vehicle should have the 1600i ACD engine from from VW Mexico. Sense and purpose of this registry is to help each other in case of problems, to find the next 1600i neighbour, to to profit from mutual experiences and to have a look on all those nice 1600i-vehicles.

Please mail the following data to me:

  1. Enginenumber (this is used for indexing)
  2. Owner
  3. Country, City and/or ZIP (there is also an index by this data)
  4. Contact (your mailadress, but most times i will have this when i got a mail from you ;-)
  5. Year of start-up or build (manufacturing year)
  6. Else (i.e. consumtion, power, 1600i specific problems and how to solve, equipment, some text for your pictures and whatever you like to tell others)
  7. And at least don't forget a picture

And please, mail all those data to with the header "1600i-Entry"

The enginenumber is hit at the crank case flange of the generator attachment. But here is a picture from this part of the engine to get all questions cleared.