Enginecode: ACD
Owner: Genaro Cabrera
City-Country: Mexico City
Modellyear: 1996
Registry entrynumber: 129
Entrydate: 30.11.2005



My car is an original owner 1996 1600i, with dealer air conditioning system, wheels and electric windows; except the stereo system, the car remains stock with 150000 kilometers. This vocho is held by Beetlefriends VW club in Santiago de Chile (very warm people, every body should spend some days there!) Sudamerica and is registered with the name "Claudio"

Saludos !

Viva Mexico Cabrones... !!!

Update 01.02.2008, See also picture nr. 4
90 amperes 1600i alternator
Datum: 29.08.2007 19:23:09

Hi Manfred,

I'm very happy for achieving this goal, finally the engine is working as I intended in every way. The missing part was the electrical system, too weak. I discover the faulty idle in the 1600i gets its cure with constant 13.9 volts. In my case, the air conditioning system and other equipments were a handicapp to have a good voltage. The solution was a Bora 90A alternator.

The car really changed its performance.

I want to thank you because without you and your site, this car wouldnt be as is now.

If you need some details of the wiring of the alternator, I'll be happy to share.


Gaby & Genaro Cabrera