Enginecode: ACD 336853
Owner: Gary Hume
City/country: Bridgwater, Somerset, UK, TA79HG
Build: 2000
Entrynumber: 317
Entrydate: 29.09.2007


Guten Tag, Ich habe purchased DEC /1999 Mexican Beetle. The engine number ist ACD336853, Meine name ist Gary Hume Meine frau name ist Chrissie. I'm sorry for poor German I know a little only. Our address is Bridgwater, Somerset, UK, TA79HG. problems so far have been poor acceleration, noisey front wheel bearings, heavy thumping noise when pulling away, some annoying corrosion spots, bent front bumper, heatexchangers corroded through. Things done so far, replaced rear lights with smoked lenses, replaced air filter, this was very dirty (see picture), replaced spark plugs with vw reccomended NGK BPR5ES and correct gap setting, replaced oil and filter, oil very thin and black, cleaned engine bay replaced air duct's, replaced front wheel bearings, discovered it needs new pads, empi gear shift, will replace front G'box mount hopefully will get rid of banging noise. After the filter /plug change it now goes a little better, returns 33 MPG, top speed 84MPH, but it still feels slugish and you want to change into another gear very early, my 68 1300 is faster in 1st 2nd & 3rd and does 79 MPH? I might have to purchase the diagnostic kit from you. Apart from that it is a nice little car and we both enjoy driving her, (Vera), I have also changed the horn to an aroogah which makes people smile. Thanks for the great web site, I have colleagues in Hamburg und Bremen, maybe they will help to translate, for a Grossen Beir :o),

Regards Gary und Chrissie