in front of a cafe in Tole, Panama,May09

shop/owner that did repairs-and shows The big dents-made on purpose for the 007 James Bond "Quantum of Solace" movie scene - which have now been all fixed/repainted

carburator/intake manifold/feul pump/etc- installed- no more EFI problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This VW beetle painted grey is nicknamed "Ugly Duckling"

-sure to grow up as an adult- Beautiful swan"-as in the fairy tale!!!

Enginecode: ACD 240528
Owner: Allan Mcleod-Canada
City/Country: Tole, Chiriqui, Panama (car location)
Buil: 1997
Registerynumber: 423
Entrydate: 08.05.2009


Maybe only one in Panama registered

Chassis Serial # includes ZZZ-for export only

This is My 18th VW beetle owned by myself.

EFI completely removed-now carburated-runs great

Was green-now painted grey

Used for scene in in James Bond 007 Movie (2008)-"Quantum of Solace" - filmed in Panama(see online vehicle list which shows this car which was used for scene in this movie)

There is another identically painted 1600i VW beetle in Panama city-also used for movie above

80000 kms original


- sagging rear suspension about 2-3 Inches(2 cms)-what causes this-can I fix(raise up???)

-Can I use 20W50 oil in hot country-instead of 15-40?

-Do I need to adjust valves like old(non hydraulic tappet) vws???

-What is oil filter replacement part #

-I need key blanks to make spare keys

-where can I get parts list/parts-in North America/Central america?