Enginecode: ACD 232331
Owner: Júlia & Javier Prados
City/Country: Catalonia (Spain)
Modellyear/Build: 1997
Registrynumber: 492
Entrydate: 07.08.2010


“Hola” Manfred and all the other friends of

We are from from Catalonia (Spain) and we present "Lupe" to you , which is my daughter Júlia beetle (I cared for the beetle until she can drive it, ha, ha, ha ... my daughter is only 6 years old, so y can still enjoy it for a lot of time). “Lupe” its a 1600i engine, manufactured in 1997 and it was transformed to convertible in México too; (I would not have done, but I love the result). It works exceptionally, in fact, since we bought it in November 2009, just use the other car in few ocasions. Its painted with the chameleon color that chanes from blue-green to violet with diferent ligth.

Congratulations on the site, forum, and the kind advice and service of Manfred and the rest of you.