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Created 17.04.2007


HydraulicTappets "clack-clack-clak" noise
Thema: Problem with my 1600i
16.08.2007 15:23:26
Von: sanji@seyres.net
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Hello Manfred
I'm Jean-Daniel, member n° 251. I've got a problem with my beetle, a light "clack-clack-clak" noise. I'm trying to find what it is (thinking it is a valve problem). Luc (member n° 156) told me this noise is usual when the engine is cold, and send me to your page 1600iHydraulicTappetsInformation-17thApril2007.htm

I'm not sure if it's the same thing. furthermore, I've driven this car for 15000 km, and I've never heard it.

Could you try to look at this video and tell me what you think about it.

Thanks a lot.
C ya


Hello Jean-Daniel,

i take a look and a ear ;-) at your video. I'm nearly shure, that the metalic clack...clack are the hydraulic tappets. It could be that this noise starts at once. Most times the oil level is to low. So take a look there. The oil level should be at maximum. Not in middle, not below. If you are lucky, its enough to fill in some oil.

If this wouldn't help, try to use Liqui Moly.


17.08.2007 10:46:15
Von: sanji@seyres.net

Thank's a lot : it works !!!

My oil level was a little bit low...

Thank you.