The register for all vehicles with the VW 1600i ACD engine and much about this technology

******** Please, send me a picture of your 1600i vehicle and the enginenumber ******

For those who send me a mail: If your are still in the registry, please meantoin your registry-number. And if you won't get an answer within one week, mail again. First it looks like that some emails realy did not arrive in my postoffice. And second there are some days with 20 and more mails, so it could happen that i forgot to answer someones email :-)

Please use for generell 1600i questions the 1600i board

28.05.2014 A list of different bigger 1600i engines with details
05.02.2014 1600i fuel gauge sender repair/clean up
17.09.2012 Google search included
08.12.2011 In the generell section is now the folder from the 1600i beetle and convertible form the German factory Beetles Revival
02.12.2009 How to change the altenator brushes
08.08.2008 On the left hand side i integrated a link named "To Do" to all open 1600i entries or updates i recieved.
03.01.2008 If you look to "Mechanic", you will find Phils new documetation how to change the 1600i fuel pump.
31.12.2007 Phils documentation about how to test the Mexican Beetle 1600i Fuel Injection System is online. It's listet at the "Tips"
30.12.2007 It took a longer time to get most of my problems with the homepage solved. It's only a hobby ;-)
But now i'm very proud to present you Phil's document of "How to check and repair the ECU relay".
In my opinion this relay should be changed against a new one in every 1600i if it is still the org. Mexican one.
13.09.2007 On the left side you could find now the 1600i FORUM. Within the settings of the PROFILE of your personal account its possible to choose English as boardlanguage. If you have any questions about, send me a mail.
14.06.2007 Phil also send me an update of the "Mexican Beetle Part Numbers Crossreference"
12.06.2007 Once again many thanks to Phil. He send me the translation of "Removing the Ignition/Starter Switch". I append it to the "Mechanic" section.
16.04.2007 Phil (N°114) send me an update of the partnumber crossreference list. Thanks a lot for this, Phil. You find the org. exceldocument in the "Download area"
09.04.2007 In the section 1600i Technic - Electronic you will now find the translation from Phil (thanks a lot) of the Mexican Beetle 1600i Ignition Module Information
07.04.2007 I'm waiting for the first entry in the guestbook. It's online since today.
05.04.2007 Phil send me the translation of the removal of the 1600i engine. You will find this document at the download area.
27.03.2007 I started to make a 1600i parts catalog viewable. You can see first results at Generell => Spare Parts Catalog (at the bottom of Generell)
19.03.2007 Easy way to set ignition timing with VW tool 1551 or VAG-COM.
05.02.2007 Today i got from Phil a quick test for the Mexican bettle's hall sensor.
20.07.2006 I did a little modification with Phil's Circuit Diagrams Translation. The contents has now a direct link to the wirings.
19.07.2006 You will find a expanded Part Number cross reference in the generell section and the org. doc in the download area. Phil send me this yesterday.
28.06.2006 Phil sent me a explained picture of the components locations in the front boot and the translation of my very new document of the 28 pin engine bay connector pinout. You will find it at the end of the download area.
19.02.2005 Today i got from Phil (Register N° 114) the translation of the engine numbers overview.
15.02.2006 In the "Download area" are the new translations from Phil regarding the pinout of the 25-pin ECU connector and the pinouts of the OBD II, the 3-pin 1600i and the 5-pin VAG 1551/1552 connector.
11.02.2006 It looks like the English translation of parts of the 1600i homepage gets filled with information ;-) It took a longer time for me decide what to do. But finaly i thougth the best will be to show most themes in both languages. So everyone could see (and we have the situation, that now also English docs are available without German source, thank you Phil) what is done and what not. So i hope everyone is happy with this layout, and it would be nice to get some comments.
I also decide to start a new English news-page. It would be a lot of work to translate the whole german news-page, and at least it would bring no more information to you. So if someone is interested in the history of, he could look at the german page to the german news.